Twitter Tools for Business Building-Part 2

Twitter Tools for Business Building Part 2This is Part 2 of Twitter Tools for Business Building.

The best way to implement Twitter for lead generation is to first build a reputation as a trusted source of information or being seen as an expert in a particular subject-while simultaneously building relationships and remaining personal and approachable.

Pushing out one way marketing messages about your business isn’t going to work, people won’t listen. You must ask questions, be personal, and engage others naturally within the community.

Once you are the source of value and have earned their trust, you can then offer information about your business opportunity or service or affiliate products. Your followers now trust that whatever you recommend is going to be beneficial to them or their business. But only tweet these paying offers sparingly.

Also, a good technique is to do a series of tweets leading up to your offer or product or business opportunity. Intrigue them and peak their interest for a few days before you tweet your paying offer. (See Social Oomph post about scheduling your tweets).

OK, on to some more third party Twitter tools that you will find useful.

Twitter Tools for Business Building Part 2TweetDeck-

This is a desktop application which allows users to filter and group their own and others’ tweets. It can simplify things by separating the people you follow into groups that show up as columns on your screen—for instance, you might see one column for friends, one for prospects, one for co-workers, etc.  So if you are having multiple conversations, they will be much easier to follow in TweetDeck .

It also includes tracking tools that allow you to streamline functions like replying to multiple users at once.

You can add multiple Twitter accounts or LinkedIn, Facebook and MySpace accounts.

The iPhone version was released on June 16, 2009.

Twitter Tools for Business Building Part 2TwitPic -

This is a website that allows users to easily post pictures to Twitter.

If you have a Twitter account, you already have a TwitPic account automatically.

Comments to photographs are sent as a reply tweet.

Twitpic URLs are already short, making it unnecessary to use URL shortening.

You upload your picture via your phone, an iPhone app, or through a Web interface — and TwitPic posts a link to the picture to your Twitter account. So when you tweet it, it shows up as a shortened URL with your message. When users click the link they will be taken to your TwitPic profile to view it.

Twitter Tools for Business Building Part

This is a URL shortner that can post directly to Twitter.

If you share a lot of links on Twitter, makes it a fast process by letting you shorten the URL and post to Twitter within the same screen.

You can post to multiple Twitter accounts using one account. lets you attach a brief code to the shortened URL, which then allows you to track how many people click on the link. You can also see more-detailed information about those users, such as the country where they’re located and the time of day they clicked.

Day 3 of my Twitter Tools for Business Building series will discuss 3 online strategies that will help manage your online Twitter reputation by tracking what others are saying about you as well as locate keyword-targeted fellow twitters.

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Twitter Tools for Business Building Part 2

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Twitter Tools for Business Building Part 2 Twitter Tools for Business Building Part 2 Twitter Tools for Business Building Part 2 Twitter Tools for Business Building Part 2 Twitter Tools for Business Building Part 2
Twitter Tools for Business Building Part 2
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    Great article Renee with a lot of useful information. Seems that I don't use TweetDeck to its full potential yet. Have a blessed day and take care.
    To a prosperous life

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