The Unified Tribe-My Review

The Unified Tribe My ReviewI wanted to give a quick review of The Unified Tribe. Many of you have already heard of it, many of you have already joined, but if you are on the fence as I was, then read on…..

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If you have a blog, good for you, you are already ahead of the game! Now read on because you will definitely want to hear more about The Unified Tribe….

If you take the time to create valuable content, but you don’t have traffic to your blog, then it’s pretty much useless. Social Media has been a way to greatly increase exposure to blog content. However, done the right way, this can be very time-consuming. Many outsource this task and  hire someone to promote their content on social media. But not everyone has that kind of money. Time and Money….the never-ending commodities.

So this now leads me into The Unified Tribe….

So what is this whole tribe business about? Apparently the tribe concept is pretty popular these days in several different industries, network marketing is no exception.  The Unified Tribe is fairly new. It is very popular and word-of-mouth is making it go viral.

I first heard about The Unified Tribe via Mike Dillard who has been heavily promoting it. So that basically was my stamp of approval. However, I wasn’t exactly ready to join yet, I was one of those “wait and see” individuals, wanting to make sure I was utilizing my marketing budget wisely. I also belonged to some Facebook tribes, so I wasn’t sure I needed to join yet another tribe.

Well I waited and I saw. Many of my fellow network marketers were buzzing about it and sharing their results. (see one here, this was his first day on the tribe: )

The Unified Tribe is a community of like-minded individuals who promote each others content. Once submitted, your content gets shared on autopilot. It’s basically peer syndication and as you can see, it’s remarkably effective. Not only will it improve your blog’s SEO, but it will allow you more time to devote to creating value-based content to keep your readers happy and trusting you.

You do have to give before you receive in The Unified Tribe, it is a 5:1 ratio. You promote 5 tribe member’s content, then you are able to submit your blog post to the tribe, where they will promote it many times over. Your content is always in the system, it will never go away unless you want it to.

Katie Freiling and The Unified Tribe have made it incredibly easy to share other’s content; I can share 5 other’s content within 10 minutes or less, depending on how long their post is.  You see, it’s one thing to promote your own content, but SEO is so much better and the search engines will rank you much higher if someone else is doing your content promotion. The tribe members are sending it out to all their connections on Facebook, Twitter, Digg and/or Stumble Upon. So this one piece of content you create only once is getting massive exposure many times over for the entire length of time you keep it in the tribe. That’s the true meaning of leverage.

So one night after 2 hours of tirelessly promoting my content on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, I decided I needed to leverage my time better and The Unified Tribe seemed like the perfect solution for doing this.

My results have been very good. I have already received much better blog content promotion from The Unified Tribe compared to the Facebook tribes I belong to. The Unified Tribe members have more incentive to promote my content because they have to give before they can receive. The Unified Tribe closely monitors for any spammy behavior and does not tolerate it, which I felt was a huge problem on the Facebook tribes. There has been a wealth of awesome content that I have actually learned a great deal from myself and have no problems promoting to my connections. My blog subscriber rate and blog traffic have also considerably increased in only the few days I have been on the tribe.

There is a “classroom” within the tribe with a video training library of 24 ‘how to’ videos on all facets of social media, blogging, autoresponders, etc. This is very valuable information at your fingertips. The Unified Tribe has monthly and bi-monthly webinars called  “live class”, “Q & A” and “Mastermind”. They also encourage you to form your own personal mastermind group within the Tribe. These connections are vital to continued success. The caliber of quality connections is very high on The Unified Tribe.

If it results in just one affiliate commission or personal sign up to your primary business or a single product sale, which it likely will, then it has paid for itself. This has already happened for me.

Time truly is money, and by saving my time and leveraging my efforts, I can utilize  my time more wisely for other money-making activities.

So The Unified Tribe gets my two thumbs-up approval. I encourage you to learn more and do yourself a favor and sign up here today: The Unified Tribe.

If you don’t see results in one month, you can always cancel.

Hope this was helpful, if you liked what I wrote, please share it with your social networks. Thanks!

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Best Regards,

The Unified Tribe My Review

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The Unified Tribe My Review The Unified Tribe My Review The Unified Tribe My Review The Unified Tribe My Review The Unified Tribe My Review
The Unified Tribe My Review
  • Oliver Tausend

    Hi Renee,
    a great review about the Unified Tribe, an awesome tool. The trouble with Facebook tribes is that only a few people are really syndicating, sharing and commenting. In the Unified Tribe, everybody does, and that's one of the keys. Keep up your great work. BTW, thanks for retweeting and sharing my content through the Unified Tribe. I appreciate that.
    Take care

  • youngandclearskin

    Hi Renee! Great review on the Unified Tribe. I wonder though if it will pull in the $67/month fee that it costs. That is more than other communities. What has been your experience with this? Thanks! ~Maggie

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