Are you LinkedIn? Learn How to Leverage This Powerful and Free Social Media Strategy

Are you LinkedIn? Learn How to Leverage This Powerful and Free Social Media StrategyLinkedIn is a social community, but unlike Facebook, it is a network of professionals. It is very powerful since it represents over 150 countries and over 170 different industries. The average household income of LinkedIn members is $109,000/year.

Watch this quick video for an overview of LinkedIn, then read the rest of the post:

Because this is a community of professionals, the rules are a little different than Facebook. However, the leads you generate will be highly targeted and highly qualified.

I am assuming with my recommendations that the results you want to achieve from LinkedIn are to attract others and/or increase traffic to your website and provide value to others. (See my post on Attraction Marketing). If you are trying to land a job or pitch your business opportunity or push your products/services, then the following advice will not work for you.

I personally have found tremendous success in social media marketing by giving immense value freely to other network marketers which creates an attraction to learn more and stay connected, all the while building a relationship and trust. Since we all come from different backgrounds and experiences, I am a firm believer that we can always learn from one another and help each other out. If you believe this as well, then my suggestions will work incredibly well for you.


First off, make sure your LinkedIn profile reflects how you want others to perceive you. Give it personality and make it known to others what you are most passionate about. LinkedIn profiles rank high in search engines when someone googles your name, so take your time with this process.

So here goes….


If possible avoid putting your current MLM company here. If you have a branded website (generic) or generic blog, that is preferred. The reason for this is that others who come to your site may automatically make assumptions about your company or industry.

Profile Picture:

Make sure it is a professional one. It does not have to be studio quality, but make it one that you would include on a resume.


Ask one of your current connections to do one for you, or recommend them and when they receive it they will have the option to create a recommendation for you. Make sure you ask someone who you’ve worked with and who know you well.

Education/Past Positions and Experience:

Only include relevant information.  You do not need to go into great detail about education or past positions that do not relate to network marketing.


Again if possible, avoid putting your company-replicated website here. It does not set you apart or make you unique or valuable to others. Again it is best to have a generic website, like a blog or landing page offering a solution to common network marketer’s problems.

Promoting your opportunity and/or your businesses products or services will come with time after you have established trust. If you vomit this information too early on in the relationship, your connections will run very quickly away from you. (Please refer to the Attraction Marketing page on my blog for more information on this concept and how to avoid this from happening).


This is where you will speak of your value to others, or your Unique Selling Proposition (why would someone want to learn from you or work with you?). This is where you will also discuss your intent for being on LinkedIn. Include your story or your why for being in network marketing. You want others to personally relate to you on this common level.

Adding Contacts:

This is clearly where LinkedIn differs from Facebook. You need to qualify how you know someone before you add them. Categories to pick from are;  collegue, classmate, done business together, friend, other (in which you will need to add the potential connection’s personal email address). One thing to remember when you are accepting connections from others, once they are connected to you, they have access to your entire network of connections. So make sure you are comfortable with this.

Here are some things to keep in mind when communicating with your connections:

*Do not give your website link when you initiate a connection. Add a personal message and identify something you have in common and why you want to connect with them.

*Add about 30 new connections per day.

*Share how long you’ve been in network marketing, your goals, your struggles and initiate questions back that would lead to more interaction from them.

Wall posts:

Post often since when you update your status, it will show up on your connection’s walls each time. Link it to your Twitter account and it will automatically tweet your status to your twitter followers. Create curiosity and intrigue, but make it short and to the point (140 character max). Make sure your message is relevant to your audience and somewhat professional in nature.


Once you’ve added your personal connections, you can further connect with others via groups. Make sure you pick groups with a common interest. When you search for a group, it is keyword-driven, so you can search network marketing or MLM, etc. Sometimes the administrator needs to approve your request before you can be a member. Once you are a member, you can go to the main group page, go to the ‘more’ drop-down menu and choose ‘members’. From here you can message a particular individual and ask to connect. Since you are both members of that same group, they are automatically available to connect with you if they choose.

You can also post relevant and informative content in the “Discussion” section of each group. This is where I include any new blog post content I create. It should be of value to other network marketers. I usually give a link to my blog where they can view more information and recommendations. Do not just put affiliate links or links to your business opportunity in these discussion posts, it looks spammy and is not professional and could possibly get you banned from the group.

On a side note: I have found one group where I have been able to post information about my primary MLM company’s services, it was a local group called “I Got What You Want”. Search around and you may find an appropriate group for your service or product promotion.

Create a Group:

There are several benefits to creating your own group on LinkedIn:

*It will brand you as a leader in your niche.

*You will connect like-minded individuals who can learn from one another.

*It will drive traffic to your website.

*It will build your personal network as others will invite you to connect with them.

*You will be able to send weekly messages to your member’s in-boxes for free.

*You will be able to create an auto-responder email. Group managers can send out a welcome email directly to the member’s personal email inbox. From there you can invite them to your blog or website or to connect with you on your other social networking sites.

*You can create up to 10 sub-groups which allows you to target various locations (i.e. for invites to regional events) or sub-niches.

*You have complete control over the content posted and ability to delete members.

I hope this helps you understand how to best utilize LinkedIn for your business. These are ways that can be utilized if you follow Attraction Marketing strategies. Refer to my Attraction Marketing page to better understand how to do this. Please don’t hesitate to comment or ask questions and I will do my best to answer them.

Also, if you found this information useful, please comment or share on your social media sites. Thanks!

Are you LinkedIn? Learn How to Leverage This Powerful and Free Social Media Strategy
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Are you LinkedIn? Learn How to Leverage This Powerful and Free Social Media Strategy Are you LinkedIn? Learn How to Leverage This Powerful and Free Social Media Strategy Are you LinkedIn? Learn How to Leverage This Powerful and Free Social Media Strategy Are you LinkedIn? Learn How to Leverage This Powerful and Free Social Media Strategy Are you LinkedIn? Learn How to Leverage This Powerful and Free Social Media Strategy
Are you LinkedIn? Learn How to Leverage This Powerful and Free Social Media Strategy
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