Why Serious Entrepreneurs Need a Blog For Their Business

Why Serious Entrepreneurs Need a Blog For Their BusinessI wanted to review the reasons why having a blog will ultimately help your network marketing business. It is becoming more and more evident for even brick and mortar businesses to go the route of a blog.

The main reason for this is related to the essential part of doing business….which is to build a relationship with your prospects/clients or customers and gain their trust. As we all know, people tend to do business with others whom they know, like and trust.

However, for network marketers specifically, there are even more reasons.

A blog is a multi-media platform, you can post texts, pictures and videos. More importantly a blog  is interactive and involves your viewers, so it’s more like a conversation, it is a form of  “networking”.

If you are a serious network marketing entrepreneur, you need to own a blog for these specific reasons:

1. Branding Yourself

It will definitely set you apart from everyone else because you are  providing value to others and offering solutions to their problems. Your blog will reflect YOU, all your skills and talents as well as your personality.

2. Becoming an Authority in Your Niche Market

A blog allows you a platform to teach and to have published content which you can then syndicate. One thing I want to mention here, for you to provide value to others you must first be actively learning and implementing new knowledge to help yourself in your own business, then you need to write about it and share your strategies with others.

3. Credibility

By offering valuable content you will be viewed as a resource, as long as you are providing an unbiased source of information. Also always remember the 90:10 rule; 90% pure value and ask nothing in return with only 10% product and blog promotion.

If you are doing all 3 of these above factors, you will mold yourself into a leader that others will seek out and want to work with. This makes recruiting into your primary MLM company that much easier. People work with leaders, not companies or compensation plans.

Here is the process of a successful blog:

1) Educate and solve others problems. Provide value.

2) Share the content of your blog either through social media or on autopilot syndication.

3) Capture a person’s contact information at which point they become a lead.

4) Build rapport and keep adding value and helping others build their business.

5) Eventually you will gain others trust and some will join you in your opportunity and many will purchase an affiliate product or system recommendation that you have tested and been successful with.

One last point I’d like to deliver…

Step back for a moment and contrast a blog with offline recruiting.

Offline you have a one-shot encounter, of which they never asked to be approached by you nor requested your information. You will also need to deal with the objections regarding the network marketing industry in general.

A blog, on the other hand, allows you to build rapport naturally and gain trust over time. A person who fills out a webform on your blog has done so willingly. Blogs are attracting highly qualified and motivated people who want answers to building a network marketing business. You are acquiring FREE leads passively. No more chasing friends, family and strangers.

Another awesome feature that I have found with my blog  is that it has become the perfect answer to the often asked question of  “Why should I work with you?” All you need to do is point them to your blog which will be quite obvious that you kinda know what you are doing when it comes to building a network marketing business, and if they are already in network marketing-you possibly could become more of a valuable resource to them than their upline sponsor currently is.

I even direct my new recruits to specific blog posts and pages that I have already written that are like mini-trainings for them when they are first getting started.

So there you have it, the importance of blogging for your business.

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Why Serious Entrepreneurs Need a Blog For Their Business

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Why Serious Entrepreneurs Need a Blog For Their Business Why Serious Entrepreneurs Need a Blog For Their Business Why Serious Entrepreneurs Need a Blog For Their Business Why Serious Entrepreneurs Need a Blog For Their Business Why Serious Entrepreneurs Need a Blog For Their Business
Why Serious Entrepreneurs Need a Blog For Their Business
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