Prospecting With Posture

Prospecting With PostureHe who cares the least holds the power.

Let go of the outcome and you will have more income.

I love these 2 quotes, and I replay them in my head to remind myself that unless I have an abundance mentality and possess a sense of posture, I will not be successful in network marketing.

I wanted to write about a critical component of prospecting, and this is posture.

Posture definitely did not come natural for me. Afterall, I was previously a nurse, a caregiver. I needed to dig deep and give myself permission to assert myself and have the mentality that my prospect needs to qualify for my time.

However, if you really think about it, everyone possesses posture. Think of it in the context of someone telling you how to discipline your kids. You know your kids inside and out and know best how to care for them.

Guess what? You will always know more about your opportunity or product or service than your prospect will.

Don’t become mentally crippled with a poverty mindset or fear of failure or rejection. This doesn’t allow you to be candid and confident with your prospects. No one wants to join a business or buy a product from someone who is so obviously connected to a fear of loss.

Speaking from first-hand experience, I tended to come from the fear of rejection. I loved the opportunity and the services I was marketing, but I never felt comfortable in my own skin and I just couldn’t convey my enthusiasm. I already sensed the “no” before they even had a chance to think about saying no to me!

You need to be in the right mindset because if you aren’t, it won’t matter what you say because it won’t come across effectively and it won’t be heard by your prospect. If you focus your mind on possibility and abundance, you are able to radically transform your confidence level and inspire and attract prospects to you.

There are two approaches to avoid in prospecting; one is with a poverty or fear mindset as aforementioned, the other is by selling someone on something.

When you sell your idea with lots of hype, first many will not trust you and the other half who do believe you will join you but will quickly become disillusioned and quit within 30-90 days when they don’t experience the ideal that you sold them on.

Since adopting Attraction Marketing strategies, my abundance mentality has evolved all on its own. When you are receiving leads everyday who actually have an interest in what you have to say, it changes how you feel about yourself. If you follow the Attraction Marketing principals, leads really do fall into your lap.

To best understand all the basic concepts of Attraction Marketing, Magnetic Sponsoring will lay it all out for you. After reading it, I experienced a very important paradigm shift in the way I dealt with my primary MLM business. I highly recommend the following free 7 video tutorials presented by a network marketing industry icon, Mike Dillard.

Prospecting With Posture

Hope this helps with the prospecting part of recruiting. I’d love to hear your thoughts, personal experiences or helpful suggestions.


Prospecting With Posture

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Prospecting With Posture Prospecting With Posture Prospecting With Posture Prospecting With Posture Prospecting With Posture
Prospecting With Posture
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