The Slight Edge Philosophy

The Slight Edge PhilosophyDo the things others don’t, have the power that others won’t.

I’ve been reading “The Slight Edge” again by Jeff Olson. If you haven’t read this book yet, I highly recommend it.

The Slight Edge is a philosophy that little positive steps in your daily routine compounded over time can eventually have a life-changing impact on the success you experience in your life.

But because we live in a result-focused world, this has not always been a popular option. We want things now, today, immediately. However, success is not built this way.

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. By the time you get the positive feedback from others, the real work’s already done. Don’t rely on positive reinforcement from others to propel you toward success, because you will likely not get it. And even if they start to realize your success, they will try to minimize or rob you of it because they are forced to look within themselves and ask the painful question, ‘Why haven’t I obtained success?’

Doing the simple daily changes that are required for success are actually quite easy, but they are also quite easy not to do.

If you do them, you likely won’t see any real immediate effect, and if you don’t do them, you won’t immediately suffer or die if you don’t do it.

There is no awesome drama in making the simple everyday positive choices (i.e. reading 10 pages of a good self-development book every day, not eating dessert, running on the treadmill 15 minutes a day, buying and studying an eBook on video marketing), nobody is going to applaud you and there will be no immediate noticeable change in your life. The drama comes….in 6 months, or 2 years or 10 years.

19 out of 20 people are frustrated by the lack of instant gratification and lack of results that they cannot see, and they will quit. They will be negatively influenced by all their unsuccessful friends and family who also will reinforce the fact that they see no measurable or observable difference in your life. But most people won’t understand, 95% don’t. So why would you take advice from the unsuccessful 95%?

You need to believe that your investment in effort will pay off 10,000-fold.   These seemingly simple changes in your life will create the most astonishing momentum of success, that even you will have a hard time stopping it. Network marketing is a perfect example of this; if you build a large qualified down-line of motivated individuals who make these same simple easy changes in their lives and gradually become better network marketers and teach their down-line to the same, will create a huge momentum of success and wealth that will keep multiplying 24/7/365 with or without your direct effort.

But it needs to start somewhere in those simple, mundane, seemingly insignificant daily choices of positive action.

Being fully present and living in the moment is critical to staying on this path. Don’t dwell on your past or think timidly about the future. Just do the thing that needs to be done today.  Stay laser-focused on your purpose and nothing and no one will deter you on your road to financial freedom and success.

Kind Regards,

The Slight Edge Philosophy

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The Slight Edge Philosophy The Slight Edge Philosophy The Slight Edge Philosophy The Slight Edge Philosophy The Slight Edge Philosophy
The Slight Edge Philosophy
  • Johnny B. Pineda, Jr.

    Great words of wisdom!! Very well written, thanks for the reminder of The Slight Edge!

  • Bob Stedronsky

    I have read The Slight Edge and you are absolutely correct. Small steps to achieve the bigger goal!!
    Thanks Renee

  • Oliver Tausend

    Hi Renee,

    thanks for sharing this review. One of the most important lessons I took from this book is: It’s easy to do and it’s easy not do.

    Great book, great review.

    Take care


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