3 Crucial Steps in the Network Marketing Prospecting Process

3 Crucial Steps in the Network Marketing Prospecting ProcessProspecting in network marketing was never fun for me. Maybe you can relate: I never liked being asked so many questions and defending or convincing why my opportunity was right for someone else. Well no wonder I hated it, I was doing it all the wrong way!

I have outlined 3 critical steps that will make your prospecting process run much smoother.

(See my post on Prospecting With Posture which will help you develop an abundance mentality which is a significant preliminary-step to this 3 step process.)

Remember, you are in business for yourself, so essentially you are interviewing for a business partner. Focus on treating it as such.

It’s best to set the guidelines early on and let your prospect know what to expect. Let them know that you will first be qualifying them to see if they would be a good match for your business, then you will give a quick overview of your business, and lastly they will be able to ask questions.

Remember, the one who is asking the questions holds all the power. If they don’t follow this sequence as outlined with them and they interject, let them know that they brought up a good question and you will get to it shortly.

Step 1: Qualifying
This is where you will ask certain questions and establish rapport. This is the stage where you want to identify their ‘why’. Knowing their why is crucial to redirecting your prospect later and closing them. LISTEN to them, ask questions about their family and their livelihood, etc. Identify any similarities you have with them.

Other good questions during this time would be to ascertain their investment in time and money to devote to the business. Do they have a genuine interest in this type of business, are they curious or serious? Do they have any prior experience in network marketing? Do they have a burning desire to make a change in their lives and achieve their ‘why’? Are they coach-able? Stress that you want someone who is honest and ethical.

Step 2: Business Presentation

The key is to get the facts out there, but be brief, don’t go into every detail. Let them know that they must be comfortable in marketing these products or services to others because a firm belief is the foundation for their success. If they don’t believe in it, it will come across to others.

While you are doing the presentation (I use a flip chart or an online powerpoint), relay the benefits of the products/services to your prospect personally and have them shaking their head up and down. Relate the personal value of the product or services to your prospect from what you know about them so far.   Include any personal stories you have had with the products/services and why you choose to market them.

Now you can test the waters and ask, “John, do you see an opportunity for yourself in this business?”
If the answer is yes, this is your clue that they are likely in, hand them a pen and pass over the paperwork and let them know that you’d be honored to have them on your team.

3. Answer Questions/Objections & Close
Otherwise, answer their questions (see my other post on Top 5 Objections in Network Marketing and How To Handle Them Effectively), but remember to always redirect them back to their ‘why’ and how your opportunity could provide a solution to their ‘why’.

Sometimes they just need more time to evaluate, so give them tools to take home and set up a date and time to call them back. If they don’t answer, leave one voice message. If they never return your call, then let them go. Do not chase your prospect. They know where to find you and if you are following the Attraction Marketing strategies, there will always be plenty more fish in the sea.

I hope you find this helpful to your prospecting process. If you enjoyed reading, please comment or share on your social media sites. Thanks!

Best Regards,

3 Crucial Steps in the Network Marketing Prospecting Process

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3 Crucial Steps in the Network Marketing Prospecting Process 3 Crucial Steps in the Network Marketing Prospecting Process 3 Crucial Steps in the Network Marketing Prospecting Process 3 Crucial Steps in the Network Marketing Prospecting Process 3 Crucial Steps in the Network Marketing Prospecting Process
3 Crucial Steps in the Network Marketing Prospecting Process
  • Oliver Tausend

    Hi Renee,
    again a great post. I embrace the idea of qualifying our prospect's why. A 70 % why and an 80 % obstacle – and they quit. But with a 100 % nailed why…
    Tae care

  • Hector Cuevas


    Qualifying your prospects is definitely the first step – it helps you NOT waste time with tire-kickers and only speak to those that are serious about growing a business..

    thanks for this great post
    talk soon
    Hector Cuevas

  • John Stone


    It took me a while before I learned about qualifying a prospect. I thought I should get everybody and anybody involved in my business. Life is much sweeter when you learn how to get the right people in your organization.


  • Jordan Schultz


    Truly helpful tips here. Posture is so important to make sure you convey the message that you're a leader. It took me a while to understand all of these points myself, and when You finally grasp the fact that you're in charge, and they're wanting to follow you, then you get it.

    Jordan Schultz
    ~social-media specialist~

  • Ray Higdon

    It is powerful when you qualify, it is true that mlm is not for everyone, lets just bring in people with good expectations and that know that it is work!

  • lorirobertson7

    Great tips Renee, I really like the qualifying step, people who asks the questions are the ones that are in control. It is so crucial to have that posture, you will find the better your posture the more people you close.


  • John Stone

    Qualifying is key!

  • reneeharrison

    Totally agree John!

  • Ramiro Izek

    Since the internet exploded onto the scene a decade or so ago, advertisers were exceptionally quick to realize the potential in exploding their products and services. This has given rise to mlm business and many other money making opportunities.

  • infinity downline

    Excellent post and awesome content with the post!

  • Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Renee,

    I like your clear and concise tips.

    As you aptly noted you are interviewing for a business partner. If they aren’t a good fit let them go to attract more suitable prospects.

    Thanks for sharing your insight.


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