I’ve devised a list of my most favorite recommendations for growing your business. I have personally used these techniques with success and wanted to share them in more detail with you.

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Conquer the Internet DVD

This DVD will explain “the best marketing system” that I personally use and could not live without! It has incredible value packed into it. Its called MLM Lead System Pro and once I discovered it, it was a turning point in my MLM business. It has basically held my hand and led me step-by-step on how to make sense of the internet and how to build my business online.

The back office of our MLM Lead System Pro is loaded with hours and hours of virtual training videos that explain everything I’ve ever needed to know in great detail. I knew nothing about marketing online before delving into this online marketing system. It is a fool-proof,  plug-and-play system, the only way you could possibly fail is if you quit.

The “Conquer The Internet” DVD specifically is going to reveal to you how average, everyday people are making a KILLING with their network marketing companies leveraging one of the greatest tools ever invented, the INTERNET. The goal of this DVD is to not only educate you on how Top Network Marketers Personally Sponsor 30+ Reps Per Month, but to equip you with EVERYTHING you require to START BUILDING YOUR MLM EMPIRE TODAY!


Aweber Email Marketing

Definitely a must when capturing your lead’s information. Aweber is email marketing that’s easy to use and only $1 to try. I am able to send email newsletters and have access to autoresponders with top-notch email deliverability. Fun templates and easy instructions and video tutorials make this system user-friendly. It can actually be used for multiple business ventures. Kent still uses Aweber on occasion to promote his real estate business.

RecommendationsTry AWeber Email Marketing Risk-Free

Hostgator or GoDaddy

Both are very popular, easy and affordable choices. The reason you will want fully hosted domains is because they will make your site more Google Adwords and SEO friendly. Basically all the natural search engines will rank you better with a hosted site. Also, your website links will look more professional and cleaner and will not look like an affiliate link. Another huge advantage is that you can create unlimited sub-domains for different marketing campaigns you want to create.



Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring

This is the “meat and potatoes” of Attraction Marketing. Mike Dillard is an icon in this industry. To best understand all the basic concepts of Attraction Marketing, Magnetic Sponsoring will lay it all out for you. After reading it, I experienced a very important paradigm shift in the way I dealt with my primary MLM business.

A little-known Internet prospecting secret will be revealed that has been quietly bringing thousands of network marketers success — without rejection, frustration or spending any money on advertising.

Get 7 Free Mike Dillard Videos Below:


Traffic Formula 2.0



Automate Twitter Promotion & Marketing

Find and Engage in Like-Minded Twitter Followers & Automate Twitter Posts!


Social Oomph

Social Oomph (formerly tweetlater) is a great tool to automate your social media marketing. Use the Twitter productivity tools to easily stay on top of your Twitter activity and gain more free time. Feed the Twitter addiction without it consuming your life.


If you have any further questions about these products or services, don’t hesitate to fill out the form on the “Contact Me” page and I will get back with you.

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