Autoresponders….A Network Marketer’s Best Friend

Autoresponders....A Network Marketers Best FriendIf you are serious about building your network marketing business, I highly recommend that you start implementing some of the marketing tools that will help manage your leads. And if you are marketing online, the amount of leads you receive can become overwhelming. To save time but not cut corners with quality, you can implement an autoresponder message system.

I absolutely love my Aweber system. Once set up, the process is totally automated. I only have to create my own carefully-crafted value-added email messages once.  Aweber allows you to set up an unlimited number of “Campaigns” which means that I can target different categories of contacts and tailor my messages accordingly.

For example, here are my current campaign categories:

  • Blog subscribers
  • Prospects interested in joining my business
  • Potential Customers interested in the services my business offers
  • Existing Customers who currently have a membership with  my business
  • Recruits who are new to the business (and provide training)

Another nice feature is the ability to send out a broadcast message. This is a one-time email  blast to whomever you want to receive it. For example, I can use it to:

  • Inform my blog subscribers and recruits about a training webinar I feel would be beneficial to them.
  • Quickly contact my recruits about a recent company promotion.
  • Contact existing customers about membership changes

This system is also great for:

  • Small Business Owners-advertise upcoming sales, new inventory, etc.
  • Realtors-open houses, industry updates (tax incentives), display current listings, give valuable information on home buying and selling, etc.
  • Insurance Agents-give updates about coverages, introduce new coverage, tips and advice, etc.
  • Basically anyone who wants to market a service or product online.

Branding yourself as an industry expert and providing value will greatly enhance your relationships with your customers and prospects and build consumer loyalty.

But the most important thing to remember, lead with value.

Everybody is so inundated with the noise of advertising and requests to buy their product or join their business opportunity, etc. etc. We have become numb to these requests, if not downright turned off by them.

You need to spend time and build a relationship, educate others on valuable knowledge that will help them. This is what attracts others to you. (For more on Attraction Marketing see my page  Attraction Marketing)

Network Marketing + an Autorepsonder System=Relationship Building=Success.

Hope that helps give you some valuable insight into how autoresponders can  build your business on autopilot.

Best Regards,
Autoresponders....A Network Marketers Best Friend

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Autoresponders....A Network Marketers Best Friend Autoresponders....A Network Marketers Best Friend Autoresponders....A Network Marketers Best Friend Autoresponders....A Network Marketers Best Friend Autoresponders....A Network Marketers Best Friend
Autoresponders....A Network Marketers Best Friend
  • Emily Giuffre

    Hey Renee, thank you for writing this. I sometimes feel overwhelmed with my autoresponder…”how many campaigns should I set up, who should get this,” etc.

  • Renee

    Good point Emily. It can be a little overwhelming in the beginning. I think what is most important is setting up one main list that is relevant to the majority of your leads. Do this first. Decide what your follow up messages will be and design your webform box (can be used on Facebook and/or your website). Then gradually add other lists (groups of people) and go through the whole process again.
    Once you get these set up and complete, everything should run on autopilot and you'll only need to tweak your messages or send out a broadcast message on occasion.
    Contact me personally if you want more info-I know Aweber inside and out and can help you more if you have the same system.

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  • Oliver Tausend

    Hi Renee,

    great ideas about how to use Aweber, awesome. Thanks for shairng. I use it too, and after reading your post, I’m pretty sure that I haven’t used it to its full extent yet.

    Take care


  • Sherman Smith

    Hi Renee, these are some great ways to use email autoresponders!! It saves a lot of time and yet helps to build a great relationship with your prospects.


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