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I wanted to introduce myself and share a little about my journey in the network marketing industry.

My boyfriend and I are partners and work our primary network marketing business together.

Our backgrounds initially were in nursing-RN  (Renee), and Real Estate (Kent). After being chewed up and spit out by our careers (although Kent is still active in real estate and utlizing attraction marketing and social media to expand his business), we found the holy grail of hope in network marketing. We fell in love with the concept of working for ourselves with limitless potential for financial and time freedom.

Kent and I personally struggled with traditional network marketing; we had a few stumbles in the beginning and nothing came naturally for us…

Initially I was mortified that I had to go out and randomly approach 3-4 complete strangers per day and somehow naturally pull off getting their phone numbers. This did not come easy nor did we find this effective, but our hope kept us on the straight and narrow towards success.

Gradually, with practice, we improved and had some success with offline networking via meetups, etc.  Our confidence grew and we learned how to more effectively relate to our prospects. But, we just weren’t getting the success we had expected.

Then it happened, it was the day from network marketing hell….

This was the day we both were forced to re-evaluate our goals. What were we doing again? Why did we want to do this?

One thing was certain; we weren’t willing to continue to work our business this way forever. However, we aren’t quitters by nature and it only made us more determined to find a better way because our why’s were very strong and very important to us. We also tend to be a little daring and non-conventional, so we had no problems challenging the traditional techniques of network marketing that were drilled into us from day one.

After all, we were in business for ourselves so figuring out how to be successful is a personal journey that we were willing to take. Besides, our bruised egos were starting to take a serious toll on us, mentally, physically and relationally.

Things just weren’t adding up favorably for us, but we persevered….

So, while desperately surfing the internet for clues, I stumbled upon a system that just made way too much sense, I delved in and have never looked back.

This blog is a creation that evolved as a result of my marketing efforts taught by an incredible system called My Lead System Pro.  We are strong advocates of entrepreneurialism, as the traditional career/job has messed up too many family’s lives and incomes, including ours. We now feel a deep sense of purpose in helping other network marketers overcome the MLM hurdles and helping them realize there is another way to marketing yourself and your opportunity or product/service. Don’t give up.

There is a kinder and gentler, smarter and faster way of acquiring leads, with a built-in automatic means of profiting from multiple income streams, so you can finally be in this industry full-time and quit that J-O-B  for good.

Online network marketing via attraction marketing will liberate you and change the way you do business as well as change the way you feel about yourself. It will essentially mold you into the leader that commands success in this industry.

Heck if it can mold us into leaders, it can help anybody!

Lastly, I wanted this blog to be a welcome community of not just shared knowledge, but also of shared experiences and insight.

I look forward to guiding and inspiring you on your journey toward ultimate success!


About Me

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